Open source boards and tenure terms: The FSF has stalled

There’s plenty of research establishing that boards should refresh their members regularly. Let’s see the numbers for the Free Software Foundation, Apache Software Foundation, Python Software Foundation and Open Source Initiative.

Rotation in open source boards: Average # of years served by members

Why boards should rotate

Source data

Sheet to SQL

// see as (
select f
, split(y.value, '\t')[0]::string who, z.index+2000-5 year
, row_number() over(partition by f, who order by year) years_served
from sheet4
, table(split_to_table(x, '\n')) y
, table(split_to_table(y.value, '\t')) z
where z.index>5
and z.value='1'
-- select *
-- from unpivot;
select f, year, avg(years_served)
from unpivot
group by 1,2
order by 1,2

Above average terms

Board members that have served for 9 years or more

Shared sheet

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